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Casters knowledge


1. dimensions: General caster diameter increase, promot […]

1. dimensions: General caster diameter increase, promote more labor, more obstacles to the better, because the formation of the first industrial casters in nineteenth Century at the end of the west, so generally expressed in inch casters, such as the most China supermarket trolley caster for 5 inch, 4 inch. The current market popular casters in size from 1 inches to 10 inches are common sizes are 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, usually often need to promote, such as supermarket shopping cart, hand trolley, tool cart the 4 to 6 inch casters. However, caster diameter will cause the equipment gravity center to rise, and the cost will increase, so we should make a comprehensive consideration. If the equipment does not need to be constantly promoted, such as furniture, refrigerators and so on, just in the "sanitation" when you need to move about, the use of 3 inch casters below.
2. see load: the same diameter casters, general manufacturers will produce several series for different load-bearing, such as light, medium, medium-sized, etc., the method is to make the wheels and brackets have different thickness or material. To give a certain safety coefficient is single casters when the load on the ground is relatively flat, single caster load (= gross weight of equipment, installed casters number) * 1.2 (safety coefficient); if the ground is not flat, then the algorithm for a single load, casters = gross weight of equipment / 3, because no matter what kind of non smooth the ground is always at least three wheels and supporting equipment, this algorithm is equal to the increase of insurance coefficient, more reliable, prevent bearing shortage, lead to greatly reduce accidents or castors life. In foreign companies, bearing is generally expressed in pounds, while most in the country use kilograms, they are converted to 2.2 pounds = 1 kilograms.
3. wheel material: This is very important, generally have PU, TPR, PP, rubber, nylon and so on.
4. installation methods: in the light load available screw rod, plug, expansion plastic sleeve, etc., heavy load with the bottom plate, or directly welded to the equipment. Large companies are usually well equipped.
5. brake: from the function, there are brake wheel, brake bracket, universal, both with the brake is double brakes, there are tread brake, brake, side brake, etc., specific contact casters factory.
6. casters in the equipment layout: layout is not the same, not only affect the cost, and promote the feeling is also quite different!
7. stent selection: divided into directional and universal, the material is generally carbon steel, can be carried out a variety of electroplating, such as zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, spraying, etc., but also useful stainless steel stent.

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