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Casters riveting technology and the safe use of casters


The actual installation of industrial casters will invo […]

The actual installation of industrial casters will involve the application of riveting step, the riveting technology is related to the safe use of follow-up casters, Linyi crown or wheel industry in the following for everyone to introduce what is the industrial caster riveting technology.

1, Industrial casters riveting rivet deformation to comply with the natural flow of metal, will not reduce the material notched impact toughness and ductility, reducing the occurrence of tangential tensile stress around the rivets pier heading too high, the riveted material without breaking the fiber Flow, can improve the carrying capacity of rivets. The swinging cold casters riveted with traditional hammering, stamping casters riveted test pieces to do destructive testing, cold casters riveting method produced by the joint strength of about 80% higher than the traditional castors riveting. Riveting cold casters rivets almost no bending, bulging, rough pier and other deformation. At the same time with the rivet connected parts without distortion. The use of hammering, stamping casters riveting, as it is the case of pressure, the impact of blooming, the above defects more obvious.

2, The use of cold casters riveting casters riveting almost no noise (less than 70db), no vibration. The traditional hammering, stamping die wheel riveting noise more than 90db.

3, Industrial casters riveting rivets in the rivets for pure rolling without sliding, the rivets forming the surface roughness depends only on the riveting head, and riveting head surface roughness easy to ensure, so the use of cold casters riveted rivets smooth and beautiful appearance Other casters riveting methods can not match.

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