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Common types of trolleys


Two wheel barrow basically can be divided into East and […]

Two wheel barrow basically can be divided into East and west two type. Oriental type structure frame with an arched or flat plate, the wheels on the outside, for handling mixed goods is very useful, such as barrels, bags, boxes or other goods, the western type structure parallel wheels at the inner handle is in arc, with trucks and used to train station.
Depending on the use and load, there are different sizes and designs for wooden or metal systems. According to the difference of caster layout and direction of use, there are several common forms. According to casters, there are two types of flat and balanced type, commonly used in the following 3 kinds;
(1) casters flat type: one end of the two fixed casters, and the other end of the two movable casters or brakes with movable rotating casters. Trolley height is low, suitable for mild and moderate load.
(2) casters balance: four wheels are rotary casters, high flexibility, suitable for mild load.
(3) six casters balance type: two fixed casters in the middle, each end has two rotating casters, applicable to the general medium heavy load demand.
According to the use of points, there are 4 categories:
(1) stereo multilayer; in order to increase the space and convenience of the articles, the traditional single board surface is changed into a multi tier table, which is often used for picking.
(2) folding type: for the convenience of carrying, the push rod of the hand vertebra car is often designed to be foldable; the handcart is easy to collect because of convenient use, so the popularization rate is high.
(3) lifting type: carrying smaller volume, heavier weight of metal products or artificial moving, moving difficult handling occasions, due to restrictions on the site and can not use the stacker, you can use the lifting trolley. In addition to lifting tables for lifting and lowering of the load, the wheel of the utility model adopts a wheel which is pressure resistant and is provided with braking positioning for accurate positioning.
(4) of ladder type: in the logistics center cart use mostly by picking the most widely used, and often picking shelves due to height restrictions and run-up, so some of the cart with the ladder to facilitate.
There are many handcart manufacturers with different specifications. The type and size of the trolley used in the distribution center are shown in detail. The detailed dimensions can be obtained from the trolley manufacturers.

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