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How about the stainless steel trolley


Currently, with the improvement of the level of consump […]

Currently, with the improvement of the level of consumption, people pay more and more attention to easy work and life. Therefore, small trolleys that can help people to handle goods and articles are everywhere, such as medical trolleys, laboratory trolleys, storage and logistics trolleys, offices Trolleys and the like, and home trolleys that make life easier for people are also becoming more popular.
Stainless steel trolleys rely on human-driven, horizontal transport of goods on the road of small van. The handling of a shorter working distance, bearing capacity under normal circumstances in the following 500kg. With light and flexible, simple operation, small turning radius, is a convenient and economical short-distance transport vehicles. Trolley has not only been eliminated since ancient times, but has developed a variety of types, with better market.
Stainless steel trolley Product features:
1, this car all stainless steel Seiko production, corrosion, rust, easy to clean and so on. Beautiful appearance, design is reasonable;
2, the wheel is heavy-duty design anti-static carbon fiber (or mute rubber) caster, two without brake caster, two with brake caster; Custom Features:
3, can be customized according to the needs of single-sided or double-sided push hands;
4, according to the need to deploy can brake caster number.
5, according to customer needs to customize a variety of sizes, the number of wheels.
Household stainless steel trolley can be used for family gatherings, meeting, etc., when the required food put on the cart, both for easy access, but also look stylish and stylish; also be used for kitchen or other room to store items, housework more Organized, and in a small room can play a space-saving role.

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