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How do I choose the casters for use?


1, select the wheel material: first consider the use of […]

1, select the wheel material: first consider the use of the size of the road, obstacles, the use of residual substances on the site (such as iron, grease), the environmental conditions (such as high temperature, room temperature or low temperature) and the wheel can carry different weight Conditions to determine the choice of suitable wheel material For example: rubber wheel can not be acid, grease and chemicals, super polyurethane wheel, high strength polyurethane wheel, nylon wheel, steel wheel and high temperature wheel can be applied to different special circumstances The
2, the calculation of carrying the weight: In order to be able to calculate the load capacity of a variety of casters, you must know the transport equipment weight, the maximum load and the number of single wheels and casters used a single wheel or casters required load capacity is calculated as follows:
T = (E + Z) / M × N:
--- T = weight required for single wheel or casters; --- E = weight of transport equipment;
--- Z = maximum load;
--- M = number of single and casters used;
--- N = safety factor (about 1.3-1.5).
3, determine the size of the wheel diameter: usually the greater the diameter of the wheel easier to push, the greater the load capacity is also more able to protect the ground from damage, the choice of the size of the wheel should first consider the weight of the load and load the loader under the thrust To decide.
4, the wheel material is soft and hard choice: usually the wheels are nylon wheels, super polyurethane wheels, high strength polyurethane wheels, high strength artificial rubber wheels, iron wheels, suction wheels super polyurethane wheels, high Strength of the polyurethane wheel regardless of the indoor and outdoor ground driving, can meet your handling requirements; high-strength artificial rubber tire can be applied to hotels, medical equipment, floors, wooden floor, tile floor and other requirements when walking noise On the ground; nylon wheel, iron wheel for uneven ground or on the ground with iron and other substances in the venue; and the gas wheel is suitable for light load and uneven road surface of the occasion.
5, the flexibility of rotation: the greater the rotation of the single wheel more effort, the roller bearing can load a heavy load, the greater resistance when rotating: single-wheel installation of high-quality (bearing steel) ball bearings, can carry heavier load , Turn more light, flexible and quiet.
6, the temperature conditions: cold and high temperature occasions on the impact of the casters, polyurethane wheels at minus 45 ℃ under the low temperature, flexible and comfortable, high temperature wheel at high temperature 275 ℃ turn light.
Special Note: Because 3 points to determine a plane, when the number of casters used when the four, the load should be calculated by 3.

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