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How to choose the bearing of the casters


    Casters bearing the choice is also necessary to buy […]

    Casters bearing the choice is also necessary to buy before a content. Casters use a variety of bearings, without it, casters will lose the value. Therefore, we recommend that the ideal bearing should be suitable for their respective applications, and to ensure that the necessary safety margin. In addition to the tread, wheel diameter and rotating bearings, the wheel bearings determine the casters of the mobility, and even the quality of the casters.
For different use of the environment, there are different requirements: the factory with the casters is different from the business with the casters, tool vehicles with casters different from the hospital bed with light casters, shopping carts with the requirements of the casters certainly completely different from those factories Used to carry heavy loads of those casters. In general, there are four types of bearings:
1, Teer Ling Bearing: Gunther is a special engineering plastics, suitable for wet and corrosive place, the flexibility of rotation in general, greater resistance.
2, roller bearings: After the heat treatment of the roller bearing can carry a heavier load, turn the flexibility of the general.
3, ball bearings: the use of high-quality bearing steel made of ball bearings, can carry a heavier load, suitable for flexible and quiet occasions.
4, flat bearings: suitable for high and high load and high speed of the occasion.
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