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Method for overhauling universal casters


1、to detect the degree of visual wear of the tire surfa […]

1、to detect the degree of visual wear of the tire surface. The flat surface of the tyre can indicate the accumulation of foreign objects, such as thread, wire and other sundries, may wind the wheels, remove bolts and nuts on wheels, and clean debris. Check the wheel bearing is damaged, if the parts have no damage can reassemble continue to use, if the wheels are often met suggested debris winding phenomenon can be avoided antiwind cover assembly.
2、universal wheel casters loose or wheel stuck, the same can cause "grinding point."". Proper maintenance checks, especially checking the tightness of the bolt and the amount of grease, replacing the damaged casters can improve the rolling performance and flexibility of the equipment.
3、rubber tire seriously damaged or lax are likely to lead to rolling instability, leakage, abnormal load, and floor damage and so on, the timely replacement of damaged tire and the bearing can reduce the damage caused due to caster downtime cost.
4、After checking the wheels, make sure the bolts and nuts are tightened, and use the loose washer or locknut as far as possible on all the bolts. Tighten the screws immediately if the bolts are loose. If the wheel is loose inside the bracket, it will cause the wheel to be damaged or unable to rotate.

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