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Suitcase selection guide


After we figure out how much we need the trolley, we wi […]

After we figure out how much we need the trolley, we will look at the material of the trolley next. Material directly to its suitability, and most of the trolley case when sold, will clearly indicate their main material. If we can understand the different properties brought about by different materials, will also bring convenience to the purchase. According to the material to be divided, usually divided into hard case and soft case. Most hard-box with high temperature, wear-resistant, anti-impact, waterproof, compressive characteristics of the hard shell material to protect the contents from extrusion and impact, the disadvantage is the built-in capacity is relatively fixed; soft case can give users with To flexible use of space, but most of the light weight, toughness and strong.
① ABS material
Hard case production of the main material, the majority of Trolley made by the hot vacuum forming. Trolley has a more refined texture inside, changes in the surface of the box and more resistant to impact than the soft box, but because of the presence of box makes heavy weight. But solid it can protect the clothing is not easy to wrinkle, it is not easy to damage the fragile goods. Use as much as possible when loaded, press and close again. ABS is basically still a very durable material.
② PP material
Hard case production of the main material, produced by the Trolley mostly heat shrinkage molding, both inside and outside the box, belong to the same color, there is no inside. PP material development costs more expensive, product prices are too high, spare parts are equipped with special, can not be modified, so only a very professional brand and manufacturers have the ability to produce, it features high impact resistance, good waterproofing.
③ PC material
Hard case made of the main material, it has excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. Strength, heat resistance and cold resistance and other indicators can be satisfactory, but its relative lack of hardness, usually combined with the ABS material to achieve the role of complementarity and shortening, while ABS + PC material to create the product in the price advantage over.
④ Aluminum-magnesium alloy
The main material made of hard case, but also the most familiar material, because it is metal, its plasticity is strong, and durable, wear-resistant, impact resistance, the general box can use a five years ten years, this material rod One-piece molding, but also a combination of molding, the appearance is very generous and beautiful, but compared with the other material trolley case, the weight and price should be a lot more.
⑤ PE material
Soft box production of the main material, strictly speaking, PE material is not soft enough, it is lighter than the ABS material is more impact-resistant. People often make it with the fabric or cortex into a soft box, the trunk after the fit both the safety of hard case, but also with soft case light, the disadvantage is that if the car suture if the split, the trolley scrapped, So we must pay attention to the rationality of space use.
⑥ EVA material
Soft shell production of the main material, EVA material combined with the use of cloth or leather is a revolutionary trend in recent years, this trolley case looks like a hard case, but the quality is particularly light, a lot of changes in the cabinet panel, and functional design and development Sex is strong, able to adapt to the use of most consumers, quite popular in recent years.
⑦ Nylon (PA) Oxford cloth, polyester, leather, PU material
Nylon, oxford cloth and leather are the main materials of soft box production. They are relatively wear-resistant and have aesthetics of the products in general but are economical and practical. They are not bad for more than ten years. The leather has a good texture and can greatly enhance the aesthetic appearance of the products. In the use of time to pay attention to routine maintenance. PU as artificial leather, leather and have the same advantages at the same time, the price advantage is obvious.

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