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The Development of China 's Casters Industry


With the rapid development of China's market economy an […]

With the rapid development of China's market economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, people's domestic casters industry development more and more attention. Looking at the current casters market, although the industry is growing significantly, there are still many problems in the development process.
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For a long time, in many areas of the development of the casters industry consciously unconsciously there is a tendency, namely: technology-oriented, blind on the project, or one-sided pursuit of line width as thin as possible, while ignoring the market development of the industry most Important elements. From 1981 to 1985 period, China has introduced 33 casters production line, many projects rush, only the introduction of equipment without the introduction of technology, line varieties have been basically eliminated by the market, do not meet market demand. Part of the production line equipment obsolete, not matching, not reach the design capacity. Coupled with insufficient funding for the project, poor management of casters, lack of digestion and absorption capacity and other reasons, most of the project.
In recent years, the casters market, the whole industry, although the production and sales to maintain a rapid growth, but the overall look, excess capacity, financial constraints, accounts receivable remains high, some enterprises have higher asset-liability ratio, Raw material prices, disorderly competition, to bring great pressure on the enterprise. And for two consecutive years about 30% of the cost increase, affecting the re-investment enterprises, and affect the development of the entire industry.
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