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Wheelbarrow material


Material one What are the wheels of trolley material? F […]

Material one
What are the wheels of trolley material? First let's take a look at the nylon wheel. Nylon is a polymer material with high mechanical strength. The wheel is strong, durable, low cost, easy to dirty, easy to clean and long-lasting. But the only problem is that because the wheel is too strong, the mute effect installed on the book car is not very good, which causes a lot of noise.
Material two
What kind of material wheelbarrow? This kind of material wheel called mute wheel, which is made of pure rubber, mute car book we call, the installation of this wheel, the rubber wheel mounted on the book car running sound is small, low noise, mechanical stability, But the price is relatively high, but compared with the nylon wheel also has its own advantages.
Three materials
The last trolley is made of polyurethane, polyurethane castors between nylon and rubber, it has high elasticity and strength, excellent abrasion resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance and vibration resistance, with "wear-resistant rubber ".

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